A Back-To-School Update

So, it's been awhile since I blogged. The summer was crazy in a good way, and we are now adjusting to our back-to-school lives. I wanted to remember all the changes that have happened recently, so here we go.

Teo and Isa both found out a few weeks before school started that they have less than perfect vision, so glasses were added to their daily life. Isa, in typical girl fashion, had a million frames she wanted and struggled to narrow the options down to one.

Teo, on the other hand, did not have many choices (as his head is still smaller than most glasses frames fit) and he picked a horribly ugly pair with huge round plastic frames. I then made him choose between black or gray wire framed ones.

In the end, they both ended up looking amazing. Just in time to start school and be able to see what the teacher was doing on the whiteboard.

The first day of school was exciting, as always. Isa is now in 4th grade and Teo is in Kindergarten.

Isa was excited to return and see all of her friends from last year. Plus, they are learning to play the recorder in music class this year. We found out a couple of weeks ago that she scored well on her advance placement testing, and her language arts score was especially high compared to average, so the teacher will be challenging her more this year with reading and writing assignments. She loves reading and has a lexile level in the 800s, which she is very proud of. She loves learning new things, and comes home telling me about history, science, and so much more. The first few weeks, she had problems with another student who was picking on her, but we are so proud of her response and she just persevered, trying to be kind and talk to him and now, she reports, they are friends.  

Teo was a little unsure about kindergarten, but quickly adjusted. His teacher has told us that he is quite a leader in class. The teacher uses a color ladder to track behavior. All kids start on green and either move down to yellow, blue, orange, or red if they misbehave or move up to lime green, pink, and purple (and the teacher added that she will only give purple once or twice a year) if they behave above expectations. The first week, we saw a couple of yellows as he learned procedures and rules of the classroom, but then we began seeing lime greens, then a couple pinks, and last week, he received the highest - purple! He is also performing above grade level for language arts and math, but last week, was given an IEP for speech therapy. He has struggled with making the correct sounds, specifically with certain letters (such as T, S, and K), so he will work with a specialist once a week to try to correct that. 

So, that's our update! How's back-to-school going for you? :)

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