Santa's Lil' Elf

I am starting to feel more and more in the Christmas mood. Part of it was writing about fifty Christmas cards. More so, I do believe that transforming a dining room table into Santa's workshop can make anyone feel the spirit.

This week, the kids painted some t-shirts (which still need Mom and Dad to finish them up. They are hanging in our kitchen doorway). Isa painted some wooden crosses. Jose glued together wooden cars and houses and airplanes (which still need painted by Isa and Teo). We bought everything we needed to complete our gift making. We assembled gifts and gift baskets. Merri and I made some "things" today. And now, I'm waiting for the oven to buzz because there are gifts in there (that are not even edible). The hard part is this: I can't post pictures or even give very much information because some of our recievers are also blog readers. Hehe. (Trust me though, as soon as the gifts are given, they will be posted!)

In addition, I've been painting painTINs for others to give to their loved ones as Christmas gifts. I love helping them give a special gift!

We are finished shopping (and wrapping) presents for the kids. There are some in the basement that Santa will bring. We are mostly finished shopping and wrapping for everyone else (except those who's gifts I am still working on making).

Plus, there are two families that have asked the church for help. It was unofficial help, but I just sent out a message to some friends and church members and the response has been overwhelming. I've had bags and bags of clothes and things donated. And a friend of mine works at another nonprofit and they recieved too many toys for one of their Christmas gift programs, so she brought over two garbage bags full of new toys! Praise God! How beautiful. It truely reminds me of the purpose why we celebrate.

BONUS: Isa came home today after we went shopping for a little bit. She stood in the living room, looking at the tree and said, "That's more than enough gifts Mom. We can tell Santa that he doesn't need to come. We have enough!" Oh, my heart melted. I love that girl. She has a heart of gold!

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