"Imma Break My Face"

Thursday, I'm with clients. In between sessions, I see a text from my hubby saying that my daughter, Isa, "fell on her face when she got off the bus" and that her "nose is all bloody and head banged up." He also said that he wasn't sure if he should take her to the hospital or not. This photo was attached:

I'm not generally one of "those" parents that freakout and go to the doctor with every sneeze or drop of blood, but considering that my daughter's normal appearance (and nose), I was concerned. I cancelled my last two appointments and met my family at the ER (since it was after office hours for the doctor's office), just to get her checked out.

While waiting, I finally got the full story, collaboratively from my husband, daughter, and son. The summary is that Isa was crossing the street after getting off the bus and Jose was in the house. Isa tripped on her untied shoe lace and it's hypothesized that she was holding onto her backpack so her hands didn't reflexively catch her. She fell face-first into the pavement. "I caught myself with my nose," Isa states with a painful grin. My son, Teo, saw her and ran to the house, banging on the door for Daddy to come help. My husband rushed outside where the bus driver was next to Isa, who was still on the ground. "She looked like a zombie," Jose describes, meaning that her face was covered with blood, pouring out her nose and mouth. Once inside, they cleaned her face and got her an ice pack and that's when he texted me.

In the waiting room, I snapped this photo:

Isa looked at it and exclaimed, "It looks like a jellyfish stung my nose!" She continued to insist that it didn't hurt, but it pained me to look at her. We were then called into the exam room, where we met two nurses (it was shift change) and a physician's assistant.

The verdict was in. The knot on her head seemed to be surface, despite how large it was, but we were told to wake her up periodically throughout the night, just in case. Additionally, her nose may be broken, but the doctor's won't do anything or even x-ray or scan it until about a week after the injury. They wait for swelling to go down. We were directed to wait and if it was still crooked or if we had concerns later on, to call an ENT specialist.

After about an hour at the ER, we were discharged and went home. We spent the night waking her every two to three hours and asking questions to make sure she wasn't disoriented. We expected a lot of bruising the next day, probably even a black eye or two, and decided to allow her to stay home from school.

Friday, her bruising is minimal and she still insists that it does not hurt. At this point, she has not taken so much as a Tylenol or Motrin. So, I spent my day with this beautiful face on Friday:

And this face on Saturday:

Now, on Monday morning, she still has not had much bruising. No pain. The knot on her head is gone with only a small scab to remind us of her fall. Her nose is still swollen and has a spot on the right side that concerns me, but she looks amazing. She was ready to go to school and everything was just like normal.

Every ounce of me expected her to look quite battered for awhile. I can only explain her healing as divine intervention. God is good. <3 p="">

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LR said...

Poor girl. Sounds like she took it like a champ though!