You Have A Photo Message!

As a fun lil' diddy, here's some photos from my phone, for your entertainment purposes...enjoy!

When my hubby got his new phone and it's cool new case, he kept. taking. photos. of. me. So, I did it back. Here's Jose!

[Turn your head sideways.] One of the times we went to Chuck E. Cheese recently, I wandered around looking for Jose and Teo...and here's what I found. He is so cute!

Guess who learned to tie her shoes?! Finally!!! She's so proud!

Sometimes, I even surprise myself. This was so yummy that I sent Jose the photo to make him jealous while he ate crummy food at work for lunch. Hehe!

As I cleaned, this tote grew more and more full. This, my dear friends, is a tote full of fun glass pieces and other things to paint. Now, I just need to figure out what to paint on them.

My babies! I never guessed that I would be so excited to see these little sprouts pop up! Lettuce, peppers, and khlorabi, OH MY! Yay!!!

And, here's yours truely. :) Have a great day!

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